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crane hire

MJK considers itself to be a dynamic crane hiring company. We have purcahsed our first crane in 2007 with the intention to revolutionise the mobile crane hiring indutsry. Today, we consider our services to be unique and exceptional!
Our fleet is modern, constantly being enlarged, and upgraded. This means, we can now offer state of the art and fully certified mobile cranes to all our customers.
Currently, our family of mobile cranes is as follows:

  • 35 tons Liebherr
  • 40 tons Liebherr
  • 70 tons Grove
  • 100 tons Liebherr
  • 140 tons Grove
  • 160 tons Liebherr
  • 220 tons Grove

Our passion for crane services continue to grow everyday, and we are now able to offer our clients a complete range of contract lift services. We are dedicated to customise your lifting needs through a complete range of services. Today, we lift anything and everything! No matter what your lifting requirement is, we can help.

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Slingers / Banksmen / Coordinators / Lift Planners
Our slingers & banksmen are skilled members of our team; they understand both regulatory requirements and the operational requirements of the lifting operation. Based on their knowledge, skills, attitude & experience they are able to execute their responsibilities and give correct hand signals to the crane driver.

Ensuring the safety of your goods, people and the environment along with saving you money on crane hire services is at the forefront of what we do.

Good reputation

"For the past years we have built a very good reputation in providing high quality equipment and machinery alongside excellent crane operators.."